Elevate your brand with evocative content, written and edited with individual style and thoughtful precision. 



Crafting authentic, creative language in an engaging voice tailored specifically to each client's industry and preferred medium. 


Providing thorough and meticulous editing and proofreading services for copy and manuscripts in a variety of subjects and industries. 


social media

Generating original posts across platforms in order to grow a dedicated following from the client's targeted consumer and audience base. 

Genuine content tailored to your needs


My first priority is the client: you and your audience. Every piece of content I write for you is thoughtfully crafted to give voice to your goals and both reach and sustain your targeted audience. I will work with you to establish a unique and engaging voice for your message, or tailor your content to fit a voice you already have in place. 



A critical eye from beginning to end


All editing I provide will ensure your spelling, grammar, and syntax are of superior quality. But editing is about more than just spelling and grammar. In addition to a basic review of mechanics, I will provide constructive criticism on consistency, voice, efficacy, and concision. I will offer an initial edit with comments, discuss my remarks with you, and follow up with revision until we've achieved your desired result. 


Keeping you at the top of the list


In social media, timing is key. More importantly, however, is the substance of each well-timed post. I will ensure your social media platforms are updated with the frequency of your preference, while also promising original, evocative, and clever content. I also offer real-time engagement with your audience, including pre-approved courteous responses to questions and feedback both positive and negative.