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Rachel Anne Bondurant

I am a Texas native, a dreamer, and a storyteller.


I am an aspiring novelist, with a passion for creating worlds and visiting foreign places. I try to infuse imagination and silliness and whimsy in every day life. Sometimes I talk to myself. I am a steadfast supporter of the oxford comma. I have a knack for spelling words I've never seen printed before. I love puzzles, villains, love stories, and books, endlessly books. I have a sarcastic, often dark or dry, sense of humor. Sometimes I'm the only person who thinks I'm funny, but I make myself laugh, so that's okay with me. 

Editing copy or a manuscript of any kind gives me a certain satisfaction that is, I imagine, akin to solving a difficult mathematical equation. (I haven't done much of the latter.) 

Reading fiction is my heart; writing it is my soul. Writing, in any form, is how I live. 

Collectively, I have nearly 15 years of writing and editing experience in an academic and professional environment. 

My areas of expertise lie in creative writing, marketing and social media, academic papers, digital publishing, journalism, and manuscript and galley proofreading.